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9 Split Album Series That NEED to Happen

Seeing a band live is always a great experience. It's really awesome when they put a cover song in their set. It shows diversity in that band, and it shows where they draw their influence from while also connecting with the audience. I love when it's another song or by another band that I really like.

BYO Records used to put out this insanely rad split album series where 2 bands would cover each other's songs and they would divide the album straight down the middle.


Year: Title & Feature

1999: BYO Split Series Volume I Leatherface and Hot Water Music

1999: BYO Split Series Volume II Swingin' Utters and Youth Brigade

2002: BYO Split Series Volume III NOFX and Rancid

2002: BYO Split Series Volume IV The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag

2004: BYO Split Series Volume V Alkaline Trio and One Man Army

The last one was made in 2004. They were bad ass, NOFX covering Olympia WA by Rancid, One Man Army covering Radio by Alkaline Trio, it's just awesome to hear rad bands cover other rad bands.

Every once in a while you'll catch a glimpse of that, like at the APMA's when bands like All Time Low or Neck Deep do these bad ass power medley's of pop-punk classics.

I was actually at this APMA Awards and got to see ATL perform that medley live. Looking back it got me thinking "what would some more dream split albums be?"


Knuckle Puck | Neck Deep

I know...I'm not fucking around with this list. The Welsh chaps of Neck Deep (Hopeless Records) and the Chicago boys of Knuckle Puck (Rise Records) would be one hell of an interesting pair to swap their songs.

While I originally had thought "fuck Knuckle Puck would be best bet with The Story So Far or Real Friends" due to the more emo meets pop-punk sound, Knuckle Puck lacks the ample amount of slow groove songs that the other two bands possess making it the perfect band to mesh with Neck Deep.

Even songs like Conduit by Knuckle Puck (which is a slower one so fuck you) would be a bad ass faster rendition by Neck Deep, kind of how they did with December Again.

Top Wants

Knuckle Puck Covering "Can't Kick Up The Roots"

Neck Deep Covering "Pretense"


The Used | My Chemical Romance

It's no new news that The Used and My Chemical Romance are old friends. It is old news that My Chemical Romance keeps dick teasing everyone on a reunion so fuck you Gerard.

-I mean just look at the two bands covering David Bowie and Queen's Under Pressure.

There is everything there for a PERFECT crossover split album:

1. The range: Bert and Gerard both have a crazy range and can belt out some crazy ass notes.

2. The scream: They can both yell.

3. That something: I know I can't put my finger on it either. But it's something about both of their bands that is that dreary, emo, romantic that would be a creepy, crazy crossover.

Top Wants:

The Used Covering Helena

My Chemical Romance Covering The Taste of Ink


Both bands are really good friends with another band known as Taking Back Sunday who IS NOT on this list. (I know fuck me right.)

Another awesome want would be if BOTH The Used and My Chemical Romance did a split compilation album and covered nothing but TBS songs. #justsayin


MxPx | Goldfinger

Now this might seem a little unorthodox but just hear me out. MxPx has that fast punk rock Seattle soul and Goldfinger are a straight up LA punk/ska band. Through the years both bands have matured and grown but have both stayed fast, hard hitting punk bands at heart.

I feel like both of these bands are under appreciated especially for all that they've accomplished. and it's what they're "only known for" is the worst part.

When you ask people what they know of Goldfinger they say "Superman", "99 Red Balloons" or "Tony Hawk". and when you say MxPx people say "Chick Magnet" or "Punk Rawk Show". Which is an awesome accomplishment in itself, being known for something is great, but there's evolvement, something passed that point, not just typecast as "that guy from that movie" or "that guy that does that one song."

MxPx is probably one of my favorite bands of all time, and Panic is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time. I was a late MxPx bloomer so to speak and Panic was the album that got me into the band.

Goldfinger I never really got into, until like EVERY OTHER KID who played THPS (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater) I heard Superman. But then I dug deeper, I couldn’t outsource, didn’t have record shops around and I stumbled into an FYE, found them and looked for the same album Superman was on “The Hang-Ups”. “Holy shit that came out in 97’? I was like 10.”

Now let’s compare the two bands. These two would be phenomenal to do a split record. They’re both fast, poppy, upbeat, both John and Mike got that raspy nasal to their voice, and neither band has been shy to covers in the past.

MxPx has not just 1 song, not 1 album but 2 full length albums dedicated to just cover songs.

Goldfinger has a slew of covers of their own like The Cure’s Just Like Heaven, The Kids Are Alright by The Who and of course 99 Red Balloons by Nena.

And let’s not forget Goldfinger’s 2017 newest album “The Knife” featuring none other than MxPx bassist Mike Herrera on bass guitar and back up vocals, it just makes sense.

Top Wants.

Goldfinger covering “Tomorrow is Another Day”

MxPx covering “Spokesman”


All Time Low | Mayday Parade

Now it seems to be that this “new pop-punk trend” is cover songs. Well let me tell you, neither of these bands are unfamiliar with this “cover song” thing. See, there’s this compilation album that’s pretty popular that’s been going around for years now known as “Punk Goes _______”. It’s not called Punk Goes UNDERLINE. It’s Punk Goes (Insert Here) as in Pop/Metal/Classic Rock...(wow I over explain sometimes.)

Anyways, ATL and MDP have been on the damn thing practically since its inception covering songs from Rihanna and Jason Derulo.

Both bands seemed to simultaneous spawn at the height of what I dub the "boy band pop-punk era". You had bands like: Boys Like Girls, We The Kings, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Academy Is, Every Avenue, Pierce The Veil and then of course MDP and ATL all stealing the airwaves and hearts of our girlfriends back in the day. That is until scream-o and post hardcore moved in and gave us all the crab walk and the angry golfer. (Look it up).

Oh check this one out. Here's Alex from All Time Low singing Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade with MDP.

Top Wants.

All Time Low covering "Hear The Sound"

Mayday Parade covering "Stella"