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Strife Darko - Kill Gaia ALBUM REVIEW

George Berry - Vocals and Guitar Skylah Pendall - Vocals and Bass Jack Norton - Drums and Guitar


Experimental rock trio Strife Darko from Canterbury UK just dropped their first single and accompanying music video off of their debut EP Kill Gaia. The trio offers up a post grunge movement meets alternative rock sound.

It’s hard to quite put my finger on who they sound like, with bands like TOOL and Queens of the Stone Age jumping in my brain with a odd chord progression, bass guitar melody and dirty guitar driven song like A.C.T. then bands like The Cure or Pink Floyd remind me of a heartbreaking song like Eulogies Break Ice.

Strife’s new single Fear The Old Blood is another QOTSA/TOOL reminiscent song for me. That post-grunge sound, and the smell of old guitar strings. (You know the smell.) Anyways, you be the judge!


You can check out more of Strife Darko at ANY of the links below:

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