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Whitechapel -Ten Years Of Exile - A PARENT'S PERSPECTIVE

Jack The Envious

Before the doors even opened to

The Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA the line already stretched over a block in length as fans waited in anticipation to enter Whitechapel's Ten Years of Exile Tour, featuring Chelsea Grin, Oceano and Slaughter to Prevail. The SOLD OUT Pittsburgh show was the band's first day of their anniversary tour for their album This Is Exile where they performed the album in its entirety.

As the line was extremely long, I entered the venue just as Slaughter to Prevail's last tune finished up, unfortunately only catching a few minutes of brutality before they left the stage.

During set break, I made my way to the front where Oceano took stage. The 4 piece band was sick, tight and heavy ripping through tunes from their Ascendants, Revelation and Incisions albums amping the energy in the room up for what was to come.


I was so pumped to see Chelsea Grin, I had run into them and caught their set at the 2018 Vans Warped Tour where they then teased the idea for a "big tour" in the fall, and they weren't kidding. The band hadn't done a proper tour through Pittsburgh other than their Vans Warped Tour Dates in over 5 years, it was truly awesome to see them in a more closed setting, where they ripped through nearly an hour of songs rather than their fast-paced Warped Tour sets which only last 20-30 minutes. The band ripped through, heavy, bass dropping tunes from albums like Ashes to Ashes, Self-Inflicted and their newest 2018 album Eternal Nightmare.

During set change you could feel the anticipation in the room until the lights went out and a SOLD OUT Pittsburgh show lost their damn minds as Whitechapel took stage, blasting Track 1, Father of Lies. Only pausing to greet the crowd, Whitechapel ripped through each, heavy, bass dropping, blast beating tune from the 2008 album. It's hard to believe it's been 10 fucking years since This is Exile, the Billboard Top 200 album dropped. I can still remember watching the Possession video in late 2008-09 on MTV2 and wondering what the hell I was listening to only to follow the band from there.


Whitechapel is ON TOUR NOW with Chelsea Grin, Oceano, and Slaughter to Prevail. Their latest album Mark of the Blade (2016) is out now. Keep on the look outdoor their upcoming 7th studio album The Valley in March of 2019.



Nov. 1 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater

Nov. 2 – Syracuse, NY – Westcott Theater

Nov. 3 – Easton, PA – One Centre Square

Nov. 4 – Providence, RI – Fete Ballroom

Nov. 5 – Hartford, CT – Webster Theater

Nov. 7 – Richmond, VA – Canal Club

Nov. 8 – Huntington, WV – V Club

Nov. 9 – Dayton, OH – Oddbodys

Nov. 10 – Greenville, SC – The Firmament

Nov. 12 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theater

Nov. 13 – Orlando, FL – The Abbey

Nov. 16 – Toledo, OH – Civic Music Hall

Nov. 17 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave II

Nov. 18 – Ft Wayne, IN – Piere’s

Nov. 20 – St Louis, MO – Delmar Hall

Nov. 21 – Lincoln, NE – Royal Grove

Nov. 23 – Wichita, KS – Wave

Nov. 24 – Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios

Nov. 25 – Ft Collins, CO – Aggie Theater

Nov. 27 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot

Nov. 28 – Spokane, WA – The Pin

Nov. 29 – Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market

Nov. 30 – Jerome, ID – Diamondz Event Center

Dec. 1 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom

Dec. 2 – Bend, OR – Domino Room

Dec. 4 – Chico, CA – Senator Theater

Dec. 5 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst

Dec. 6 – Bakersfield, CA – Bryder’s

Dec. 7 – Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theater

Dec. 8 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues

Dec. 9 – Tucson, AZ – The Rock

Dec. 12 – Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live

Dec. 13 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom

Dec. 14 – Memphis, TN – Growler’s

Dec. 15 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco

Dec. 16 – Knoxville, TN – The Mill & Mine



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