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gods of mount olympus album
hear this

With a natural uncanny ability to brew the perfect combination of emo, pop-punk, indie, folk and rock into a band comes BRANDON PRINZING & THE OLD REVIVAL. 

For what seemed like the end to a musical career, walking away from his guitar, Brandon found his voice as a songwriter which ultimately became his signature sound, drawing the attention from Aaron Gillespie of Underoath & The Almost honing in his support as a producer & studio musician for his debut LP "HEAR THIS." Due out OCT. 12th.

With a sound that I would dare say is in a class all of its own, Brandon brings together influence from the heaviness of rock and pop-punk while toning it down with the acoustic grandeur of folk and indie while at the same time tying in a blend of lyrical topics from folk and emo. Brandon's high vocal range is key in this band. (pun intended). With a voice that reminds me of a combination of the gritty high range of Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional, meets Anthony Green of Circa Survive with the somber-esque sound of Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons.


The opening track NERVE as well as REVIVED and CHEYENNE via HEAR THIS are all straight up pop-punk songs. From the chord progressions to the emotional intense topics in the lyrics, the songs brings me back to bands like The Color Fred, Anthony Green's solo album(s), with a splash of bands like Lumineers and Mumford given the genre and acoustic, more mellow parts in the tunes.

Tunes like BITTER COLD, RIOT ON A SUNDAY, & BURNING THINGS are more of a variety of indie rock meets folk punk reminding me of bands like Lucero, meets Secondhand Serenade with the acoustic vibe in the tracks mixed with the pop-punk/folk lyrical topics and high range vocals.

The title track of the album HEAR THIS as well as PETERSBURG is very reminiscent of the Pop Goes Acoustic album(s). The songs could for all intents and purposes be full fledged rock/pop-punk tunes, but I love Brandon's ability to tone it back, and use just his voice and guitar to tell a story where in other tunes use the entire band's entensity to really drive it home, similar to how AARON WEST & THE ROARING TWENTIES does it.

HEAR THIS is a brilliantly crafted album from front to back with ups and downs that seem to forecast Brandon's life and experiences. From the acoustic tunes to the full fledged rock songs, you can listen and relate to almost every tune, with every topic at hand. From love loss to finding yourself, HEAR THIS is incredible.

HEAR THIS is available everywhere OCT. 12th.


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