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9 Tips for Vacationing with Kids

Vacation can be a giant pain in the ass when kids are involved. Shit can hit the fan super quick with tons of time and money being wasted, kids getting fussy and tired, with only a limited amount of time to spend until you're back at life's 9 to 5 haul saving up for the next nightmare Christmas. (fuck)


9. Plan Ahead

Now this one may seem like a no brainer, but planning your day ahead of time will save you the stress of pissed off kids, wasted time and arguing about what to do in an instants notice. Now don't get me wrong, I still like to live by the impulsive punk rock lifestyle but when you're new to a city with a family of 5 without a clue in the fuck-world where things are, a nice tourist fanny pack itinerary is the way to go.

A. You'll waste time winging it:

If you're new to a city/vacation spot and aren't 100% sure on what you're going to do you'll end up wasting more time on Pinterest "Family things to do in (insert city here)" than get the full experience out of planning ahead of time.

Talking to friends that have been there before, your Uber/Lyft driver or even doing that Pinterest search the day before hand will save a shit load of time, especially with cranky impatient kids.

B. You'll piss off your family:

If you end up winging it and not everyone is on the same page that same day, you're going to end up pissing someone off. At least if you have the day planned out in advance and you let everyone know what's going on you might not all agree on what's going on, but you won't waste time arguing about what to do half the day leading back to point A.