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VSTHEWORLD - A Different Perspective ALBUM REVIEW


Dolby Obispo

Aris Bernardo

Robbie Obispo

Arianne Gonzaga


Philippine pop-punk quartet VSTHEWORLD recently released their forthcoming EP A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE this past September.

The band drew influence for the album from mid-2000's pop-punk bands, more specifically: All American Rejects, Early November, Finch, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Paramore.

Opening track WAITING has this sick almost Four Year Strong meets AVA feel with heavy punk beats, harmonic guitars, and an overall space-like feel especially with its opening.

The next two tracks, CALL IT QUITS and THE SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT have a straight forward pop-punk feel, reminiscent of early 00's pop-punk. Call it quits reminds me of a Saves the Day or Jimmy Eat World tune, whereas Second Star slows it down, reminiscent of more of a Get Up Kids or Boxcar Racer feel with all of the dynamics, drums splattered in and out of the tune and the simple guitar and vocal parts that tell a story.

NOVEMBER is a track that dynamically changes it up and features a female vocal. The tune takes on a ballad feel and does an amazing job with a back-and-forth style conversation in the lyrics with these cool little ambient guitar riffs played over an acoustic in the background. The closing track OUR SUMMER SONG hits you head on in a straight forward pop-punk tune to round out VSTHEWORLD's album, which is extremely reminiscent of heavier Get Up Kids tunes, from chord progressions down to the octave singing parts. Overall, the album hits you in the nostalgia, but don't take my word for it, listen for yourself below!




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