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Wailing Reculse
a crash republic boston

With a sound directly influenced from the 60's, 70's and 80's eras of rock n' roll comes Glasgow's WAILING RECLUSE.

Within the first 30 seconds of any tune, Marty and Doc transport you back to 1975 where sonic representations of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Rush are poured into your brain with the band's new self-titled album.

Before punk rock and metal, classic rock was my life in my household of music growing up, so WAILING RECLUSE is definitely "up my alley" and is a total breathe of fresh air to the typical stigma of pop-punk I'm used to seeing on the daily. The band is like the best of my childhood molded into one compilation album re-written into new music.

Opening track Modes of Persuasion, Sticks and Guns, Number Eight, are like straight up Sabbath tunes with blends of Cream, Santana and Mountain in the mix. Now while I can honestly say that I never really got into Black Sabbath until long after high school was over and my vinyl collection started to develop, my appreciation for the influences of Rush from WAILING RECLUSE are much more.

Tunes like Fallen Angel, Alone On The Battlefield, Mountain Song and I'll See Your Face Again all show signs of Rush meets Led Zeppelin with that blend of retro Fender Strat sound.

My favorite part of this band is their LIVE version of MODES OF PERSUASION. I thought at first "this band fucked up and uploaded the same track twice." No, they're just that good, and sound like the recording. While some people may disagree and say that a band's live performance sounding like their recording is a bad thing, I believe that if a band sounds almost indistinguishable from their album then that is them at their peak performance, so kudos.


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