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Pop-punk quintet We The Kings recently dropped their second forthcoming single entitled THE BEST PART this past Valentine's Day, the followup to their recent single ALIEN all dropping on their newly acquired label home GRAVEBOY RECORDS created by the founder of EMO NITE.

Though the track was dropped on "the day of love", Valentine's Day, it's an anti-love/ anti-Valentine's Day song.

THE BEST PART kicks off with a sweet little guitar lick melody into a thunderous driving pop-punk verse. The verse builds a crescendo, starting without any sort of bass or rhythm guitar, just drums, a light guitar, and vocals.

The choruses of the track are instantly infectious with the lyrics "You were the best part of everything, everything. Now you're just the best of my memory, memory". ANYONE who's been in a relationship and has had a serious breakup can relate to those lines.

This segways perfectly into the second verse which seems like the protagonist of the track is begging for a second chance and for the relationship to work again, with the lyrics "If you just give me a chance, I'll never forget again. I'll say those three little words, I swear to God I can".

The interlude/bridge is a melodic breakdown of the pre-choruses in the track which builds up to repeating choruses with "na, na, na's" overtop, and let's face it, the best pop-punk and emo songs have to have a few "na na na's" in them.

Though it's an anti-love song, it has many "let's try again and make this work" vibes, which I can personally relate to. i can see THE BEST PART becoming a staple on a We The Kings setlist moving forward. The band has never shied away from their pop-punk and emo past and it's prominent in this track.

But don't take my word for it! Check out THE BEST PART for yourself!

You can check out WE THE KING's latest single THE BEST PART and more below!



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