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LaserChrist Album
Laser Christ Group

With a sound that screams modern pop-punk, comes Illinois quartet Wilmette. Forming the band in 2018 in a basement in Sleepy Hollow, IL Wilmette combines their varying musical tastes with a creative experimental style of pop-punk that promotes heavier influences from hardcore and metal music.

With their debut album SPACE TO BREATHE out, the band recently dropped a new single/music video from the record OTTOMAN and recently finished up a show with my good buddies KEEP FLYING.



Throughout SPACE TO BREATHE are one of a kind pop-punk tunes with influences all across the spectral genres. From bands like Belmont and Knuckle Puck to veteran pop-punk bands like The Used and Brand New, you get a real taste for what the band is about with this EP.

Tunes like TRUE NORTH which will be the band's follow-up single as announced on Facebook and current single OTTOMAN have bands like Belmont and Knuckle Puck written all over them with high ranged vocals, gang/ 2-3 part vocal harmonies, intricate drum fills and heavy guitars all mixed into a dynamical blend featuring breakdowns and melodic vocals.

Tracks like TURNPIKE and SOLID GRASP have a combo of The Used and Neck Deep feel to them with double into cut time drums, catchy, sing-a-long vocally charged choruses with hardcore screams splattered throughout the mix and an overall bouncy feel to them. Closing out the song is a sort of ballad-esque tune FOXGLOVE which reminds me of something that Brand New would write with a more emo and textured pace to the song.


You can check out more of WILMETTE at ANY of the links below:



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