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MAE 3.0

Dave Elkins Jacob Marshall Zach Gehring

MAE group

It's been well over a decade since I've seen indie rock legends MAE in concert. It was Warped Tour 2005 where I last caught the guys set and was immediately sucked in between watching their live performance and first catching one of their songs "Summertime" in the Riding In Vans With Boys DVD. It was soon after, that I bought their Destination Beautiful album and never looked back.

I caught MAE on tour in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA performing on a special night "Mae Day" which seemed to be all part of the band's grand scheme to surprise their fans in many ways, not to mention their recent EP "3.0" dropped along with their "kind of" self-titled album "Multisensory Aesthetic Experience" being released right around the corner.


After a little bit of confusion getting my media pass, arriving late, and getting my gear, I was ready to finally see the show. I was bummed out that I missed the opening acts, I was kind of stoked to see "Sonderblue" and "Dinosoul" an awesome indie rock Pittsburgh band but "c'est la vie".

I was still pumped to see MAE, this newest tour promised for a unique experience from the band compared to a than a normal show. The Mae Day experience was simply amazing, with not a word exaggerated especially "multi-sensory". Mae Days comes from the band's name "Multi-Sensory Aesthetic Experience", from their album “Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience.”

Dave Elkins of MAE explained the "MAE Day Experience" as: an engagement of the senses. While playing the new album the band also hopped around and played some acoustic songs giving the band a more intimate experience with the audience as well as a new personal level, experiencing the songs in a whole new way.

I couldn't help walk away from the show hoping that every band takes notes from MAE. The show made you feel as though it wasn't just "another show" but rather a stimulation for all of the five senses.




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