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Barren Womb - Old Money/New Lows ALBUM REVIEW

Timo Silvola

Tony Gonzalez


It's been nearly three years since Nordic duo BARREN WOMB's last full length release. To better understand their newest album "Old Money / New Lows", one must grasp their heavy-noise-rock in itself. The new album OM/NL professes the band's deep evolution of band into an animal all of its own.

"Out of sight out of mind. The tape is stuck, please rewind."


At first listen there's no way in hell you would guess that BARREN WOMB is just 2 members. They are just too damn heavy, and too hard hitting.

Their sound is hard to pinpoint which is best damn part about them. With songs like "Drive-thru Liquor Store" they are almost mistaken for a garage rock version of the Foo Fighters. Then there are tracks like "Mystery Meat" which I was/am hoping was a Fallout 4 reference and they almost have this "sludge-punk" sound similar to The Melvins.

The 8 track album has a ton of heaviness and catchiness all the way through. Whether you're a fan of distorted or clean guitar; screaming or clean vocals, and always behind a wall of pummeling drums.







03.01 - Oslo, Norway @ by:Larm 03.02 - Oslo, Norway @ by:Larm 03.03 - Oslo, Norway @ by:Larm 03.15 - Bodø, Norway @ Dama Di 03.16 - Bergen, Norway @ Kvarteret 03.17 - Stavanger, Norway @ Checkpoint Charlie 03.23 - Halden, Norway @ Feelgood 03.24 - Porsgrunn, Norway @ Sort & Blå Scene 03.30 - Pilsen, Czech Republic @ Družba 03.31 - Berlin, Germany @ Cortina Bob 04.03 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Sekten 04.04 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Cyklopen 04.06 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB18 04.07 - Groningen, Netherlands @ Orkz Bar 04. 08 - Hamburg, Germany @ MS Stubnitz 04.09 - Hengelo, The Netherlands @ Innocent 04.10 - Cologne, Germany @ Halle Am Rhein 04.11 - Paris, France @ L'Escape B 04.12 - Besancon, France @ Les Passageres Du Zinc 04.15 - Bonn, Germany @ Namenlos 04.16 - Darmstadt, Germany @ Oetinger Villa 04.17- Prague, Czech Republic @ Eternia 04.18- Brno, Czech Republic @ Bajkazyl 04.19 - Wroclaw, Poland @ Black Moon 04.20 - Warsaw, Poland @ Chłodna 25 APR 21- Vilnius, Lithuania @ XI20


Check out more of BARREN WOMB at ANY of the links below. And grab their new album "Old Money / New Lows":



(New Punk Tracks 78K)

(Punk Unleashed 32K)


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