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blink-182 Deletes All Posts on Instagram. Lists Official Website "Under Construction".

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Why is this news? Why does this matter? Well, less than a week ago Troy Hanson, Vice President of Rock Programming of Cumulus Media dropped a bombshell that Tom Delonge may be joining blink-182 again. The VP recently told Q101's Brian, Ali and Justin Podcast that

”Tom Delonge has rejoined blink-182...” Hanson said. “And they are coming to the United Center” a venue located in Chicago Illinois. Hanson added, “Live Nation, that’s my gift to you for doing this whole thing in late October with Panic! At The Disco. I just blew your nut on blink-182. Sorry. Not sorry.”

At the time of this news, the band didn't make any statements clarifying the truth of this news. But in less than a week, the band seemingly scrubbed their entire Instagram page of any posts, changed their profile picture from the pink neon logo that was dawned in their "NINE" album with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba, who replaced Tom Delonge in 2015 to their old black and white logo from blink-182's Greatest Hits album as well as changed their bio from "Crappy Punk Rock since 1992" with Mark, Matt and Travis tagged to "Crappy Punk Rock Since 1992", removing the Instagram profile tags of its band members. blink-182's website and store have also both gone under construction, wiping all previous merch with all "current members" of the band.

blink-182 recently celebrated 30 years as a band with Tom Delonge joining Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker in sharing new limited edition merch to the band's website as well as a limited edition Funko Pop set which features all three bands "in the nude" from their 1999 music video What's My Age Again? from their mainstream breakout record Enema of the State from the same year.

Delonge left the band in 2015 but remained on good terms with both Mark and Travis, even meeting together in 2021 after Hoppus' cancer diagnosis.

Mark Hoppus revealed the get-together in an interview in September of 2021 with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, where Hoppus went on to say about the band that ”It was the first time that all three of us were in the same room in like five years. It’s actually better than it used to be. There was no agenda. There were no lingering grudges. It felt very back to what it should be: three friends sitting in a room”. Hoppus also opened up during the interview stating that he felt that Delonge, Barker, and himself were “completely able to repair“ their friendship after the rekindling after Hoppus’ battle with cancer and Delonge’s recent divorce.

With more and more news coming out, one can only assume now that the original bombshell of Delonge being back in the band is true, though we are all still waiting on official confirmation from any member of the band themselves.

More on blink-182 news as this story is developing.



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