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BRAINCOATS - 12 Reasons For Self Medicating ALBUM REVIEW


The Swedish punk rock band BRAINCOATS take you back to the days when our forefathers pioneered the sound of punk but actually cared about what the fuck music sounded like. They made it loud, heavy, broke shit, spit in your face and broke your nose but also made the music meaningful, melodic, packed it full of harmonies and connected you to a sweaty demi-god with a microphone on stage.

Dead At 21

BRAINCOATS hones in the raw "fuck you" attitude of bands like Social Distortion and Circle Jerks while maintaining the here and now PUNK IS NOT DEAD sound of bands of today like Against Me!, and Gaslight Anthem that still bring the hard hitting "fuck authority" edge to the plate.

They released an album back in December of 2017 called

"12 Reasons For Self - Medication." Over here in the United States under the Trump administration we just call that "a calendar."

Favorite Tracks

Blacked Out

I Hate Everything



Check out more of BRAINCOATS at ANY of the links below and check out their entire album:

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