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"We are, Dads. So proud to be.

We are Dads, don't mess with me."

Dad Braings Logo

Patrick Pedraza - Vocals Matt Kash - Guitar John Crerar - Drums Craig Kasamis - Bass


DAD BRAINS he Oxnard/Ventura CA based punk rock dads write about the trifle and tribulations of being a punk rock papa. They recently released a debut single single/music video entitled: "I'm Old" (just in time for Father's Day.)

"I don’t care if you got 40,000 likes or your YouTube channel is gettin' all the hype cause I got something that’s way more rad she kicks it in the stroller and she calls me Dad."


The ALL DAD quartet, began back in fall of 2017 after singer Pat Pedraza brought his 7lb. 11oz. girl home. (Fun fact. My daughter, 7lbs. 12 oz. 20 inches long. Born 7/20/12...ya weird.) From there, "Dad Mode" kicked in. Sleepless nights, the smell of baby poop being an everyday thing, breast milk taking over the freezer, and even his mother in-law sleeping on the couch all inspired him to do something, start a band.

Dad Brains Group

First enlisting fellow dad Matty (father of 2), started writing tunes about the struggles and joys of being a punk rock papa (I can relate). Next the guys recruited fellow new father, Johnny Boy Crerar on drums as well as Johnny's former bandmate and punk rock papa Craig on bass guitar, and thus DAD BRAINS was born.


An ingenious play on the classic hardcore DC punk band BAD BRAINS, the quartet decided to get longtime friend and multi-talented producer Roger Camero (No Motiv, Silver Snakes, The Velvet Teen, The Warriors) to record their debut self-titled EP. Together they arranged and recorded 5 catchy punk rock anthems about the struggles and love of parenting.


DAD BRAINS goal is much like my own; "to reach dads across the globe." To comfort and relieving dads, knowing that they're not alone in this" and to set good example for their punk rock kin. Like myself, their material isn't just for dads, making sure they don't leave out moms, significant others, and anyone who has ever been a parent.

The guy's goal is to release a NEW EP every Father's Day, so an easy A+ Father's Day gift is always a song away. The guys also tease the idea of recording Christmas tunes and playing live shows, (so keep an eye/ear out for that this holiday season.)


DAD BRAINS mission statement is as follows:

"We’re all in this together! Let’s be the best parents we can be, the best kids we can be, the best partners we can be, the best people we can be, and know that we sometimes fail, but Dad Brains keep going... Dad Brains lead with love... Love for family and friends, love for the struggle and love for the mosh....


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