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DAD BRAINS Releasing New 7" EP 'Dadditude' on June 14

odonis Group

California punk rockers Dad Brains return with their latest 7" colored vinyl/EP 'Dadditude' on June 14 which is cleverly in lined with Father's Day. The 4 track EP will be available digitally via all DSPs on June 7th.

Frontman Pat Pedraza says, "I've never heard of a Fathers Day song in my life, so I was like, hey, we might actually do something original???? Hahahaha. As most of us know, it’s kinda challenging to be original nowadays. I couldn’t ask for anything more with this video and the fun we had shooting it. Families, friends, and kids getting together, kids playing instruments, getting food and water balloons launched at us, and a 20-year-old with a camera filming it...This was the highlight of my musical career so far!!!!"

Since then, the band has already successfully toured Europe and the UK as well as Japan and China in 2018. Bare Teeth also had the opportunity to open for some well-known acts such as A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, Satanic Surfers, Tagada Jones, SNFU, Such Gold and Not Scientists.After a 3-track demo in 2015, Bare Teeth released their debut EP "First The Town, Then The World", mixed by Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream - USA) and featuring guest vocals by Steve Rawles (Belvedere, This Is A Standoff - Canada) in May 2017.

This band of dads and longtime musicians which consist of members having been in bands such as (No Motiv, The Missing 23rd, Creep Division, and The F-ing Wrath) started out as a creative outlet to share the trials, tribulations, and awesome-ness of dadhood. Their 2018 self-titled EP caught on with listeners and a legion of like-minded moms and dads which you can check out HERE, which led to the split 'MerryX-Mas' EP with fellow punk parents The Ramoms, released last winter where you can check out HERE as well!

Vinyl sales start May 31st, you can check out the video for Father's Day below!



You can check out more of DAD BRAINS at ANY of the links below:



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