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Dashboard Confessional Singer Sustains Severe Injuries After Motorcycle Accident

chris carrabba

Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba sustained severe but not life threatening injuries after a motorcycle accident on Saturday June 6th, 2020.

Chris shared a message via the band's official Twitter account on Thursday, explaining his recent absence from social media.The tweet contained a photo of Carrabba in a hospital bed wearing a face mask with his eyes closed with the following accompanying message.

- “Hi friends on June 6th I was in a motorcycle accident. My injuries were severe but not life threatening. I owe the amazing doctors, nurses and medical team treating me my endless gratitude. I am determined to make a full recovery, but I have surgeries and months of rehab to come.

I have not lost sight of the social issues at hand and even in the condition I’m in I find it important to state that I stand with black lives matter. In the near future it is likely I will not be able to follow the news as much as I normally would. If you don’t hear from me on critical social issue I trust that you will know where I stand.

I’d like to thank: Bell Helmets, Biltwell, Rev’it, Alpine Star and Wolverine Boots for making the safety gear that protected my body in the crash. I would also like to thank my family and friends for coming together to support me in this time of need. To all reading this I would like to say thank you for standing by me through my recovery. This will be difficult physically, emotionally and financially and I’m grateful to have your support as I go through it.”



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