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Dream Haze - Wisher ALBUM REVIEW


Very soon after my vacation back from LA, I receive a message from Dream Haze, a So-Cal pop-punk project comprised of twin brothers James and Jake asking me to check them out. Before I dug into the band's new EP Wisher, I caught up with their Untitled album to see what they were all about


The first thing I recognized wasn't the music from Dream Haze's Untitled album, but it was the artwork, I believe I've seen it before.

L-R (Daughter's Painting/ Dream Haze Album Cover)

AvaLynn Painting
Dream Haze Untitled Album

Then my smart ass 5 year old had to point out that: "dad that's a lady swimming". Well sorry, I'm obtuse. Hers looks more like someone playing basketball from overhead. Anyways, I digress.

I never conduct an album review from front to back. It's not fair. I start in the middle somewhere. Gives it character. Suspense, Russian Roulette in a way, you don't know what to suspect, a ballad, a hard knock to the jaw, or this total run of the mill "God I hope this is good let's put it on the album anyways" song that the band puts in there as "filler" to make the album longer.

I played Unscathed, and right away I get a rush of nostalgia. I played the 7 song EP front to back. It's like all of the music I ran across in high school combined with the unexpected good bands that I happen to come across from the today's punk scene. Dream Haze definitely has the So-Cal sound. To me they're like Saves The Day meets Real Friends and Relient K, (without all of the religious overtones.)

Dream Haze's 2016 Untitled album was released in July 2016 produced, recorded & mixed at Buzzbomb Studios.


Dream Haze Idle

In July 2017 Dream Haze released their second EP entitled Wisher. The transitional sound on both EP's is definitely noticeable and for the better. For starters, there's a relaxed feel on the Untitled EP, that's due to it being well, relaxed. On Wisher the guys had Studio time already booked with Beau Burchell and needed to write 4 songs in 3 months.

Every song on Wisher sounds tight and packaged like each one was structured with the utmost detail, from the twangy guitar on Idle to the open heavy drums and blended harmonies on Rut.

Each song from Wisher brings something awesome to the table that molds the band into this unique pop-punk quartet of the early 2000's punk and the modern day sound.

Check out Dream Haze's full EP Wisher here:


Dream Haze Social Media

--TWITTER-- @DreamHazeCA


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