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Craig Broomba Nick Stout Oliver Dobrian​


From Detroit, to the OC to LA with a fusion of rock and indie with a modernized mo-town sound is the trio known as FILMSPEED. The band has had one hell of a career since their humble beginnings in 2004, running through the gauntlet of the independent music industry with an unyielding passion that always precedes their sound. Combining such influences as; The White Stripes and Cage The Elephant, to Muse and Green Day, with their own mo-town meets tinseltown style, the band fills each tune full of rock anthems, sing-a-long choruses, and melodic hooks all to soulful grooves and melodies.

Filmspeed has always thrived on their live shows. The band are super DIY enthusiasts with every track of every album written, recorded, and produced by the band themselves. In the modern music scene of glitz and glam, they wouldn't have it any other way.

The band recently released a new single, (1.18.19) entitled BLESS MY SOUL. The tune sums up the band's sound in this new jukebox bar tune. From singer/guitarist Craig Broomba's soulful voice and guitar licks throughout the tune to the rest of the band's tight grooves and 2-3 part vocal harmonies, not only this song but EVERY tune by the band is always jam packed and full, never left with an empty spot even though they're a trio.

The music/lyric video for BLESS MY SOUL takes the band through various gigs playing the tune live from rooftops to venues and bars all awhile the song's lyrics appear on the screen accordingly. The tune reminds me of a cross between an Eve 6 tune and a Buckcherry song, (if I were to reference other musicians), with the rocksteady/indie rock sound of Eve 6 and the soulful similar sound of tunes from Buckcherry.

But don't take my word for it! Check out BLESS MY SOUL below!


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