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GRAND FUNK RAILROAD the legendary rock & roll powerhouse are gearing up to return to the road in 2021 starting July 2 in Fayetteville, GA, with another 29 shows to follow this year.

After playing to millions of fans on the band’s tours from 1996 to 2019, GRAND FUNK will continue to reach both new and long-time fans on the “Some Kind Of Wonderful Tour,” named in honor of their 1975 Billboard pop smash. Originating from Flint, Michigan in 1969, this top-selling American rock group of the ’70s is “Comin’ To Your Town To Help You Party It Down.” Notably, this year marks the 50th anniversary of when the group’s show at New York’s Shea Stadium sold out faster than the Beatles.

View tour dates below as well as an interview below with original founding member Don Brewer (vocals and drums, writer and singer of the multi-million selling hit, “We’re An American Band”). And check out the tour trailer below!


Q: What a great message you posted to fans on the band’s website: “After a long 15 months off due to Covid, the guys are excited to be back on stage playing across the USA. Kicking off in Fayetteville, GA July 2, with another 29 shows to follow this year.” Can you talk about your excitement of returning to the road? And when was the last time you had such a long break from the road?

BREWER: “I can’t wait to get back on stage and perform for people. This has been torture for me and the rest of the guys. We have been touring nonstop with this band since 2000 and the band and crew are family. Not seeing everyone on a regular basis has been very difficult. We have not had a break like this since 1982.”

Q: When the reality of the pandemic initially set in and you knew you and the band couldn’t tour, what was going through your mind?

BREWER: “When it finally sunk in that the pandemic was going to be long term, my thought was: Is this it? Is this the end? Very depressing. So I stayed in touch with the guys by text and email and started rehearsing daily just to stay optimistic.”

Q: During your time away from the road, did it give you the opportunity to spend some time doing things you perhaps hadn’t done in a while?

BREWER: “While stuck at home during the pandemic I found things to do around the house that had been neglected for years. After nine months I ran out of projects.”