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guardin Releases New Album "creatures together"

Brain Pain
amity affliction

Nlternative artist guardin has released his new album, creatures together, out now. The third and final chapter of a series that includes creature pt. 1 and creature pt. 2, creatures together showcases a variety of styles and genres that guardin has dabbled in throughout the years - the result is his most diverse body of work yet. Listen to creatures together now, here.

On the new album, he shares: “creatures together sonically embodies the life of a twenty-something year old trying to make sense of the world around them, touching on a variety of topics such as love, death & disorder. Each song tells a story bound to reel you in.

If "guardin" sounds familiar, it's probably because you've been scrolling through the emo side of tiktok and found one of their many songs, my personal favorite being "i think ur really cool like". From ukulele songs about mental health all the way to Hyper-Pop songs about being jet-lagged, Western New York native Nicholas Kerr (aka guardin) has been creating it all inside the confines of his bedroom.

Paving his path with production all the way back in 2012, guardin’s decade-long career holds a vast discography of beats, vocal tracks & visual art. It wasn’t until 2016 that he found his voice & began to pave an entirely new path for himself, creating an external world for his internal thoughts to reside in. With an extensive touring history in both a headline & support capacity as well as achievements ranging from reaching Billboard’s Altenative Top 40 to working with acts such as Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance, it’s safe to say that guardin has made his dreams a reality.

You can check out one of my favorite tracks from guardin's new album "creatures together" "on the wall" below!



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