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High Fidelity - Stay True To Yourself EP REVIEW

Pete (guitar/vox) Diego (bass/vox) Mario (drums/vox)


This pop-punk trio from Mandrid, Spain, HIGH FIDELITY released a new album called Stay True to Yourself this past January. The EP offers up 7 tracks of a good blend of a decade of pop-punk's little nuances, with screams, heavy chords, 2 part harmonies, and influences from bands like blink-182 to Nirvana.The band's nods to pop culture, nostalgia and pop-punk in itself can be seen on tracks and titles like Cowabunga, Dudes!, Lostboi, & Seeonee. (awesome.)


High Fidelidy's new single is out off of that EP. CHECK IT:

Antolini's Fall Theory

Favorite Tracks:




Check out HIGH FIDELITY at ANY of the links below & their new EP "Stay True to Yourself" OUT NOW:

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