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keep flying
keep flying artie

Undoubtedly one of the, if not THE hardest working band out there today is Keep Flying. The five piece punk rock band features a horn section and has the overall emotional angst of a pop-punk band combined with the attitude and energy of a ska-punk group.

Earlier this June, the band debuted “Firesale (Revisited),” a reimagined version of the same-named song from their 2020 album Survival. “Firesale (Revisited)” is a John Mayer-inspired indie rock revision to the track and shows an entirely new side to the band.

This new mellowed out revisited version of Firesale is quite the departure from the band’s usual fast-paced musical arrangements but is still very familiar as a Keep Flying song. The new Firesale is nearly a minute longer and is slowed down with new harmonies and groove with the same melody lines and lyrics. It’s a night and day difference and it’s definitely worth checking out both versions side by side.

You can catch Keep Flying this summer on tour with Bowling For Soup and Less Than Jake and check out their tour schedule below as well as an interview I did a few months back with lead sax player John Ryan HERE!

Check out KEEP FLYING's latest single FIRESALE (REVISITED) below!