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Loose End - Without A Trace SINGLE REVIEW

Jackson Trudel - Drums Ben Smalley - Vocals Ben Schmidt - Guitar Wilbur Kueter-Luks - Bass Mitch Parry - Guitar


The band has a real Moose Blood meets Trophy Eyes with a splash of The Story So Far mixed in. They have that thick, heavy sound of Moose Blood with the band's 5 piece, 2 guitar sound, the staggering melodic up-change like Trophy Eyes does and that scratchy, charm of a vocal melody like in The Story So Far.


They dropped a new single "Without a Trace" last month off of their debut EP which came out last year.


Their other video "Dicey's Pizza" is aside from it being a great song, has an awesome video concept. It reminds me of shows my old band(s) used to play, a bunch of unenthusiastic douches standing around waiting for the next band to come on, and of course the one drunk girl (I was sometimes that one drunk girl.)


The band is working on their sophomore album right now, check out more of LOOSE END by clicking the picture below.

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