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colour me wednesday group
Whisk & Key Records

Over the last couple of years, Melbourne AUS has been stirring with indie pop punk quartet MOUNT DEFIANCE. The group has been dishing out melancholic upbeat indie tunes since their debut EP "Learning Derby" in 2016 along with sophomore release "Yankee Flat" in 2017.

Along with releasing their newest single "Hospital Gown" on June 11th, Whisk & Key Records (love the name) have announced that MOUNT DEFIANCE will be the latest addition to the label's roster. The guys recorded the single at Homestead Studios in Mount Helen in Victoria, AUS.


Previous and current, tunes from the Melbourne gang remind me of bands like Joyce Manor, The Front Bottoms and especially Modern Baseball. With singer Ed Tripodi's mid/low octave, calm droney voice doing the storytelling in the foreground over the group's indie punk-esque backbone MOUNT DEFIANCE's tunes are captivating by the sheer storytelling alone.


Tunes from their second EP Yankee Flat, for me, define the band's influences and sounds the best. Upbeat. Chill. Indie As Fuck. Tunes like Rupert & Hastings and 115 Clicks are just awesome, chill jams with these sweet telecaster sounding riffs in them that remind me of old classic rock jukebox tunes that are played at last call and everyone knows the words for some reason. Tunes like Siblings & Teamwork remind me of upbeat modern indie punk similar to Modern Baseball (fuck I miss them.) Luckily, to get over that break up, MOUNT DEFIANCE is here to be that musical relationship "rebound" that we've been looking for.

Their latest single HOSPITAL GOWN via Whisk & Key Records is most definitely a more well-polished version of the band, its individual influences and all of the personalities that make the band unique rather than blend in. Hospital Gown's meaning, sad yet hopeful and relatable is about getting optimistically carried away in your own head.


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