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NEW FOUND GLORY - Announces New Album. Drops First Single!


Chad Gilbert

Jordan Pundik

Cyrus Bolooki

Ian Grushka


Earlier this week, New Found Glory announced they will be releasing their 10th album ‘Forever + Ever x Infinity’ on May 29th via Hopeless Records. With the announcement, the band have released the first single from the album “Greatest Of All Time”.

The new NFG track Greatest of All Time is a timepiece while at the same time a new, hard-hitting New Found Glory that we first saw on their Resurrection album. It's like the band went back and fused the best bits of their career into this one track, and hopefully this pace continues as we see more to come out of this new album.

Greatst Of All Time starts off with a clean guitar lick that takes off like a bat out of hell with fast hardcore punk beats that is reminiscent of a NOFX tune which then kicks into a super poppy chorus in traditional NFG style which only kicks back into guitar licks and more hardcore punk beats. There's so much going on in the tune, but it's not hard to keep up with. Everything seems to flow, smoothly into each other which dies down into a mellow, cool breakdown/interlude which is easily the most sing-a-long-able part in the song with lyrics "I think we are what we've been waiting for."

The video itself seems like an homage to the punk rock scene, the fans, the shows, etc. with the video following fans far and wide going to an NFG show. It follows a couple of punk kids going to a show, skating and messing around before the show begins, underage kids getting the X's on their hands at the all ages shows, and the typical run-of-the-mill things you would see at a punk rock show, stage-diving, mosh pits, etc.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Listen to it yourself! Below!


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