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Why would I stay if everything we had dissolved? I'll get around this time, not backing down...


Tom Spartinos (vocals/guitar)

Costas Themistocleous (lead guitar)

Sam Trestman (bass guitar)

CJ Kostaras (drums)

no hugs

Prior to PERSONA's foundation in the summer of 2011, the members spent the best part of the last decade not only developing their craft in various bands, but also forming the character and determination that makes the band who they are today.

The Long Island pop-punk quartet started writing songs about real life experiences about overcoming struggles and true-life tribulations, all the while telling stories that manifest into who the band is collectively.

The band has been dropping singles left and right in 2018, the latest is Whole Again, and coming soon 9/12/18 Ready to Leave which features AJ of The Dangerous Summer.



WHOLE AGAIN is a straight forward, pop-punk song about a relationship gone sour. The tune is a callback to bands like Story of the Year and Nine Days with a modern pop-punk edge. The tune has the classic pop-punk traits with 2-3 part harmony over lead singer Tom Spartinos' high range voice, then the tune breaks off into a sick spoken word breakdown about 2/3 of the way through the song. It has a ton of sick drum fills and stop-breaks making each verse/chorus dynamics interesting throughout the entire tune with the addition to 2 guitars following suit and even using a wah pedal effect throughout parts of the song.


You can check out more of PERSONA at ANY of the links below: