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Self-genre described "drunk punk" band PLZ RSPND delivers the latest in their trilogy of EP releases (according to BandCamp) with album HOLD THE VOWELS.


"I had 6 beers before I met you, I swear to God I won't forget you."

colour me wednesday group

Punk rock quintet, hailing from New York City, PLZ RSPND are a raw punk band who just like to have fun. The band is very reminiscent of late 70's to early 90's punk bands like The Damned, Replacements, Fugazi and even the stylings of early Beastie Boys (before the hip hop.)

plz rspnd album

With a mission statement like "Drinking and borrowing riffs from our favorite bands." it's one of the best things about PLZ RSPND, their ability to come at you as real, and raw as possible while also not being so "up tight" like a lot of bands these days. Fun. Drunk. Punk.

While every song doesn't scream the same topics, damn it they're always screaming, and it's great.

Their latest album HOLD THE VOWELS is straight forward, in your face punk rock. Nothing fancy, just raw punk rock stripped to its roots.

Tunes like FISHNETS have awesome gang vocals and almost "screaming" vocals in some spots showing hard, raw emotion. Tunes like WATCH and 3PM remind me of the days I used to get shit-bag wasted on the weekends with my friends from morning until night. Fuck, who am I kidding their ENTIRE record is like that. Every track makes me want to have dodgeball tournaments (again) with opened Naddy Ice beers (because why is that shit in my house bro?). Check Out: "ME TOO, THANKS" below. I had to pick this one because Ava (my daughter) goes "Awe look dad, dancing kittens dabbing. They yell a lot."


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