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LaserChrist Album

Adrian Codrington - Guitar, Vocals Dane Knowles - Drums Greg Sanders - Vocals, Bass

Laser Christ Group

With a raw, edgy punk rock sound combined with the melodic attributes of a pop-punk band come Perth Australia's SAD HILL.

Down to their attitude, the band is rooted in punk rock stating: "park the dreams of rock stardom, start anew and make a record, because it’s all you know how to do."

With the disillusion of grandeur off the table, the band set out to do just that with their latest LP GOOD IF IT GOES which features 10 tracks of over a decade's worth of collective experience on the road, in the studio and in the scene.

The band has this sick melodic pop-punk sound to it reminiscent of bands like Saves The Day, The Offspring and Jimmy Eat World while still rooted with a genuine punk rock sound similar to The Ramones. Tunes off of GOOD IF IT GOES that are the most like that are tracks like Heart Attack, Chicago, Lucky Spirits and opening track Freaking Me Out which feature an abundance of jammy riffs, heavy choruses and gang vocals.


Tunes like New Warden, Hands Off My Head, & Mantras for the Failed Academic are like a strange combo of alt. rock from the early 90's combined with the "in the pocket-ness" of 3-piece bands like Alkaline Trio.

While every track clocks in around 3 minutes, the last tune Pat Wilson's Ghost is like a 6 minute almost progressive punk tune that tells a sick story defined by the band as "You’re forced to make a choice between being defined by your old resentments or letting them go."