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If you grew up nabbing the Punk-O-Rama compilation records like I did, then the Swedish skate-punk band Shuvit is right up your alley.

They would’ve found a perfect home tucked nicely in with bands like Pennywise, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, and Millincolin, all within that So-Cal punk rock sound surrounding the early 90’s.


The 90's throwback pop-punk quartet reminds us of a time when punk rock music was simpler and we only cared about a few things; skateboarding, music, girls and friends.

It’s only fitting that their latest full length album “We Lost The War” was co-produced and mixed by Mathias Färm from Millencolin. The band recently released a lyrics music video for the song "Rock Bottom" which you can check out below if you smell what they're cookin'. (...sorry I had to.)

Favorite Tracks

Welcome To Suburbia

Konstapel Kaos

Alcohol & Bad Decisions


Check out more of Shuvit on tour now! or at any of the links below:


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