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THE SPILL CANVAS releases new album CONDUIT "Album Review"

decae and a half tour

It’s been almost a decade since The Spill Canvas has released a full-length album, but recently, the South Dakota rockers have announced not only their signing to Pure Noise Records, but revealed that they would be releasing a new album entitled, Conduit honestly one of the only good things thus far to come out of 2021.

The band had a lot of teasing leading up to the March release of Conduit, already releasing a number of pre-release singles including the songs “Molecules” which features Sherri Dupree-Bemis of Eisley with their first single “Firestorm.” dropping at the beginning of 2021.

Conduit has been on my "to listen list" for quite some time, as the band has been teasing new music as early as their "Decade and a Half Tour" in 2019 featuring The Juliana Theory and Cory Wells where the band spoke to fans of new music to come on in the near future. But with 2020 hitting us all hard, it put a delay on everything, which didn't stop the Dekoda quartet for long.

Conduit is as if The Spill Canvas just picked up where they left off 9 years ago, with a more polished and refined sound than ever before. The album is definitely an autobiography of lead singer Nick Thomas' life and what has been going on with him in last few years. The first track hits off like a bat out of hell with "Architecture" which addresses how we each design our own lives "being architects" and the way we design our lives map out the paths that we take.

Followup track and aforementioned singles "Molecules" and "Firestorm" are more reminiscent of an older Spill Canvas vibe with a slower groove and heavy chorus, circa 2010's "Formalities". The band goes a little bit experimental with track "Cost" with keyboard sounds and electronic drums which really gives an amazing modern meets old school vibe with the band then diving deeper into experimentation with the dare I say "southern rock vibe" of the track "Blueprints". Track "Akathisia" is by far one of my favorite on the album which is named after a condition that lead singer Nick Thomas' suffered after switching medications for his schizoaffective disorder.

Conduit is most definitely a rollercoaster of a record with many ups and downs. Where tracks like the single "Darkside" are melancholy yet heavy that lead into a beautiful the most catchy upbeat poppy track of the record "Calendars". The album continues the up and down pace and feathers off with the title track "Conduit" which in itself is an up and down song with a slow build to a fast-paced verse and chorus.

But hey don't take my word for it, you can listen to The Spill Canvas' "Conduit" which is out now via Pure Noise Records on all streaming platforms here:

Check out THE SPILL CANVAS single "Darkside" as well as tracklisting for Conduit below!

Featured tracks to listen to: Conduit, Akathisia, Darkside.


Conduit Tracklisting:

1. Architecture

2. Firestorm

3. Darkside

4. Calendars

5. Blueprints

6. Cost (feat. Nathan Hussey)

7. Gallon

8. Akathisia

9. Molecules (feat. Sherri Dupree-Bemis)

10. Conduit


You can check out info on THE SPILL CANVAS in the links below:



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