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1984 Draft Frontman releases solo album to benefit the NAACP

1984 Draft group

THE 1984 DRAFT singer Joe Anderl, will release his final solo album for the first time digitally via Bandcamp with all proceeds benefiting the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. I Love Joe Anderl was originally released in 2007 on Anderl’s own Bettawreckonize Media Label (Southeast Engine, 8 Bit Revival, The Kyle Sowashes). The album was recorded by Jeremy Apland (The Barnhills) and mixed by Daryl Robbins (The Motel Beds, Let’s Crash). Both added additional instrumentation to the album. The album artwork was created by renowned noise artist Dan Rizer (Budweiser Sprite).

Anderl had this to say about the release. “When I saw that Bandcamp was donating their artist fees to the NAACP Legal Defense fund, I tried to find a way that I too could contribute. All of our Draft material has been available for a while, and with Covid-19 keeping us from practicing or recording a special single to help raise funds, I tried to think outside the box. That’s when it hit me that I never released my last solo record digitally so I figured now would be a good time to do so. “I Love Joe Anderl” was a tongue in cheek album title for me. I was really struggling with a lot of self esteem issues at the time. I figure now why not use a point of pain in my life to contribute to a painful time in others " You can listen to and purchase the album here:


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