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THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS Release New EP, Sign with Epitaph Records!


Tyson Ritter (vocals/bass)

Nick Wheeler (guitar)

Mike Kennerty (guitar)

Chris Gaylor (drums)


Since July 2nd, the power pop-punk quartet known as THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS started teasing fans with the idea of brand new music via Twitter with tweets such as 'IT'S TIME WE TOLD YOU THE NEWS" and "HERE IT COMES" featuring short, few second videos leading up to something.

A few days after, our questions were answered with the band posting on all of their social media accounts that a brand new music video and single entitled: SEND HER TO HEAVEN would be out on all platforms with an accompanying EP set to release on 7/16/19 just a few short days from the band's 25th Anniversary Vans Warped Tour performance in Mountain View, CA.

Long are the days since the band's bubbly pop-punk sound, AAR is back after nearly two years without releasing any music with a yet again redefined sound with their latest single and EP title track SEND HER TO HEAVEN. The tune is trippy and melancholy yet upbeat, with the still recognizable sound and quips all too familiar to AAR fans. The band released the new single under their new label family Epitaph Records with the rest of their 3-song EP.

Accompanying the single are two new songs on the EP entitled "Gen-Why? (DGAF)" and "Demons." The former of the two songs has been a much anticipated release with the band debuting that song live nearly two years ago being the more upbeat of the three giving off a sing-a-long reminiscent vibe to the band's previous single Gives You Hell with a much lackadacious vibe coming from the latter of the two sounding much more like the new single and title track to the EP.

Check out: "Demons" HERE!

** You can check out THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS latest single SEND HER TO HEAVEN below! **


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