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Max Desgarnier - Vocals Hugo Tim Peix - Drums Tom Saulnier - Bass / Vocals Keyvin Nominé - Guitar


Heavily influenced by bands like Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, blink-182, Good Charlotte, and A Day To Remember, this French easy-core, pop-punk band that was founded in 2014 just released a new music video called JUMPING FENCES, through ROAD TOAD MUSIC (KROD Records) which follows them on their 2017 tour in Japan.

“This song is basically about going on a journey, improve yourself and accomplish what you hope for. We believe that you'll feel this "going on an adventure" kinda vibe listening to the song and watching the video filmed in Japan by our dear friend Enzo Capucci!”


The pop-punk quartet have this awesome sound that blends and encapsulates the likes of all of the band’s influences, as well as pours heart, soul and emotion into every song with their own lyrics, style and melody. It’s awesome how it all pulls together and shows through in their music.

Recently, I had a chance to talk to Max, the singer of BGL about touring other countries, their cover of Jackson 5’s “I want you back’ and their new single JUMPING FENCES


- Max: Hey, it's Max the singer of BGL, thanks for having us Pop Punk Dad!

  • TPPD: Thanks for being here! You guys have probably one of the fucking weirdest, most epic, covers known to man. Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. (CHECK IT OUT HERE) How in the hell did that one come about?

  • Max- Thanks for the compliment! Well, we were looking back then to cover a song, but had no clue of where to start. We thought first "let's do a pop song, that came out not long ago." but then we thought it would fade away fast, so we came to the conclusion of covering a "classic" pop song. The Jackson 5 song was the best we found. The vocal lines are catchy AF and we honestly made 90% of the cover during a weekend we had the whole band together. It was nice to have all of our ideas flowing as a 5 dudes band, who a lot of the time don't agree!

  • Any plans for another cover? - No cover yet planned, but we will definitely make a new one probably this year!

  • You could read braille off my arm I had chills so bad the first time I saw your new video for Jumping Fences. It’s awesome seeing you guys in another country and fans singing along and going ape shit. How was that for you? - Nice expression I'm stealing this one from you! Well, Japan has been so far our favorite tour, and personnaly the trip of my life. It's a life changing experience, we have a lot to learn from Japan and from its people. Safe to say that RNR Booking were literally awesome with us, good team, generous people, all about the music! Having people sing along to our song this far from home really touched our souls. Definitely going back one day!

  • I zipped through your Facebook timeline and it’s like the road is your home. It’s Belgium or Italy or Russia. Do you guys have down time? What do you do other than write, record, play shows? - I would not say the road is our home, we played a lot during like 3 months and it was a blast, we still have a lot of time in our hands. 3 of us live under the same roof (Tom, Hugo and me). We play video games, go to the gym, and party quite a lot. Bordeaux is a nice place to hang out, so we have plenty to do besides band stuff, even though planning and designing for the band takes me LOADS of time!

  • When you go to another country is language barrier an issue? How do you cope with it? - So far we had no trouble with the language barrier, even in deep Russia people spoke a little bit of English, enough for us to make it to the next show. "Sign language" and the Google Translate APP helps a lot!

  • AP Magazine mentioned you as “10 European pop-punk bands you need to know”. So when are you coming to the U.S? - Tough question, we had an offer we had to declined because we didn't felt quite ready yet, and wanted to focus on our new songs. So maybe late 2018, who knows!

  • What’s next for Back Garden Light? - We have some cool songs that we need to show you, so we're working a lot on that, we're not sure yet how we're going to release them, but for now you can expect a new single, in the following months ;)


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