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braincell graveyard logo

Max Markaroff( Guitar)

Peter Stanchev (Bass Guitar)

Derek Beggs (Drums)


Fellow punk daddios (is that still cool to say?...whatever) BRAINCELL GRAVEYARD have an old school sound that encapsulates hardcore punk while tying in their own unique style. With bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag and The Damned (just to name a few) that come to mind, this CURRENT punk rock trio makes you definitely realize that "Punk's Not, Dead"


The Canadian trio got together in 2006 and after a few line-up changes and a couple EP's they are the fun loving, beer drinking, punk rockers that they are today. Their latest EP, 6.1.3. was dropped in 2016, a throwback to mid 80's hardcore punk combined with their own tastes.

braincell graveyard group

(According to social media), the group are currently looking for a lead singer. So if you got the pipes, like the jams and are in the Toronto area, check out the links below and hit up those DMs.


CHECK OUT A blink-182 COVER!


You can check out more of BRAINCELL GRAVEYARD at ANY of the links below:


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