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7 Bad Ass Covers of HALLOWEEN by Misfits

It's my favorite time of year, Halloween. Kids are being little practical jokers, parents are having anxiety attacks figuring out "how in the hell am I affording Christmas this year" and that useless gluttonous holiday Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

One of my favorite bands of the "season", is The Misfits. Without the Misfits paving the way, a lot of bands wouldn't exist today, including myself as a musician.

To honor The Misfits, many bands have paid homage and covered many songs through out the years, but one in particular I'm choosing, that of course is well their song Halloween.


The original...

- The Halloween single was recorded in 1981, and was released on October 31st of that year. It was also the first album to refer to the band simply as "Misfits" and drop "THE".



- Recorded for AFI's "A Hallow's EP" in 1999, this Halloween cover was one of 4 songs on this 13 minute EP that half of the songs were used for a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, and the Jim Carey "Me, Myself, & Irene" soundtrack for.


Dropkick Murphys

- Cut around the 2000 "Back on the Streets" EP this Halloween cover which was used for "A Tribute to The Misfits" compilation.


The Unseen

- The Unseen cut this cover straight from "The Sound of Rebellion VOL. 2" comp. If you're not into hardcore punk, this isn't your cup of sweat.


Cradle of Filth

- This is trick-or-treaty. It's a cover of a cover...kinda. Misfits covered their own song Halloween calling it Halloween 2 or II which was really just SIDE B of their Halloween 7in. and then Cradle of Filth covered Halloween II in 2006 for the Underworld: Evolution soundtrack and their Thornography LP.


Winds of Plague

- This Symphonic Deathcore band paid homage to the Misfits track in 2009 on their The Great Stone War LP as a bonus track.


Sick Figures

- The Folk Rock band covered this song in their own bluegrass-ey way in a single in 2014.


Alkaline Trio

- This melodic piano version of the song was released in October of 2002.


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