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darling fire album

Jolie Lindholm - Voices, Guitar

Jeronimo Gomez - Guitar

Gregg Moore - Bass

Steven Kleisath - Drums

Matthew Short - Guitar

darling fire

With members of: The Rocking Horse Winner, Dashboard Confessional, Poison The Well, As Friends Rust, Further Seems Forever, Shai Hulud, Useless Things and more the indie rock quintet from South Florida utilizes every bit of their roster's influences in this new project known as THE DARLING FIRE.

The female fronted group brings together an heavy, energetic sound coupled with a subtle melodic indie-rock vibe found in all of the aforementioned bands, utilizing the best qualities of those groups, creating a truly unique sound.

The band's debut album DARK CELEBRATION via Spartan Records, is a little bit all over the place in the best ways possible with each song delivering a different emotion and sound. Songs like opening track For The Loveless and closing track In Twilight are straight forward alt-rock jukebox tunes that set and end the tone for the entire record. Songs like Saints in Masquerade and Silver Spider bring it back a bit and show the more mellow, dynamic quality of the band, with tunes like Catatonia and Omaha finding a happy medium between the heaviness and slowed-down vibe creating the perfect emo/indie-rock sound.


JUL 20 Swampgrass Willys- Palm Beach Gardens, FL JUL 26 Inchoate Art Gallery- Oakland Park, FL JUL 27 Crowbar- Tampa, FL

You can check out the band's latest single "Saints in Masquerade" below.


You can check out more more info on THE DARLING FIRE in the links below:



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