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fortune cove harbour
fortune cove harbour

If you don't know who Fortune Cove is, then you may know of Ontario pop-punk quartet Harbour who the formerly mentioned band used to go by. With a "new look yet same great taste" mentality, Fortune Cove pick up where they left off in their former band Harbour with the same members, sound, charisma and poise as they venture off into this bright new world known as Fortune Cove.

Fortune Cove, whom recently dropped their first new single & video "Direction" this week under the new sir-name as well as their new label Four Chord Music. The band had their last ever show under the band name Harbour at the 6th annual Four Chord Music Festival earlier this October and announced to the world and everyone in attendance that day that their last show under the band name "Harbour" would be at Four Chord Fest. I had the chance to catch up with lead singer/guitarist James Mittendorf after the festival where we chatted about moving forward from Harbour to Fortune Cove.




TPPD: So I just saw you guys at Four Chord Music Festival this year. How many years is this now that you have been playing Four Chord Music Fest?

FC: This was our third year playing Four Chord Music Fest, and every year just keeps on getting bigger. Pittsburgh has become a second home to us, everyone has welcomed us with open arms and its hands down our favorite city to play. Rishi Bahl is a saint.

TPPD: How did this year differ from previous years?

FC: This was the first year the festival was all outdoors. Was an awesome vibe and had a hell of a time.

TPPD: It is my privilege to say that this is my first and last interview with you guys, as the band called Harbour. that is. You guys are changing your band name. Why the name change?

FC: There's a few bigger reasons and many smaller reasons why. There's a few other bands named Harbour and people were legit coming out to our shows thinking we were the other Harbour, which sucks. We've basically went to hell and back the last 4 years (maybe someday we'll tell the story) but long story short, it was time for a change. We didn't want to break up so we thought a fresh start would help and bring back some positive energy to everything. It's fucking tough being in a band.

TPPD: What are you changing it to?

FC: Fortune Cove.

TPPD: What else is changing about the band?

FC: Maybe a different attitude? A more mature outlook on things. Same 4 guys, same pop-punk ways as always.

TPPD: Are you guys going to merge Harbour songs into this new branded band?

FC: For sure. We'll still be playing a handful of Harbour songs at every show, at least for now. Might come to a point where we only do 1-2 Harbour songs in a set.

TPPD: Are you writing new tunes right now under the new band title?

FC: We haven't written anything new in a while. We've been sitting on these songs from our new record Dear Happiness for a number of years and we're excited to be putting them out. We'll start writing again soon.

TPPD: Studio or DIY?

FC: It's funny, we did a little bit of both for this new record. We tracked everything in our guitarist Zac's basement and then Sam Guaiana (Room 21 Sound) mixed and Troy Glessner (Spectre Studios) mastered. To give a little insight as to why we haven't released new music in a while, this was our second attempt at recording this record, only this time it wasn't 18 songs.

TPPD: Are you going in a different direction with the band at all? For example: (Ice Nine Kills started as a ska band!)

FC: I wouldn't really call it a different direction, I'd just say it's a little more mature than our previous releases. Again, we wrote these songs 3-4 years ago, so I think once we start writing again it's going to be different. We're all older, maybe a little wiser and I know our musical influences have broadened since 4 years ago.

TPPD: The official announcement was at Four Chord Music Fest that you were changing the name. How have fans reacted to it?

FC: I think it went over well, although I had someone come up to me after the set saying they thought it was a joke at first but when I kept talking about it on stage they realized we were serious. We printed up a bunch of shirts that have Harbour crossed out and Fortune Cove underneath.. those were a hit.

TPPD: You had an incredible 2019 with Blackout Fest, tour with Chief State and Telltale, and now Four Chord Fest. What's next?

FC: We'll be on the road in November throughout Canada and USA. More touring after that, then start writing again.

You can check out the NEW Fortune Cove on their full month long East Coast tour with The Letdown, including appearances at Blackout Fest with Seaway, Like Pacific, Keep Flying, & more!


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