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Fred Mascherino collaborates with The Lemonheads' Evan Dando


If you're unfamiliar with The Color Fred they're an indie rock/pop-punk band headed by former Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist Fred Mascherino, and in 2007 dropped their first full-length album "Bend to Break."

The band recently revealed new music in 2021 as well as their collaboration with The Lemonheads' Evan Dando for their new track "Everwrite".

"We wrote 'Everwrite' at Evan Dando's Brooklyn apartment," explains Fred Mascherino. "We were playing guitar and I had a song that I thought he might like. The verse only had four chords, but he immediately started rattling off five more chords that I would never have played. Suddenly, it sounded like all of those Lemonheads songs that I love. Honestly, I was floored how naturally it just came out of him. The lyrics were written that same day and I remember stopping halfway home to make him a phone recording of what we did. Whenever we talked over the years, he'd always mention finishing the song and we finally did." "

Recently, Fred caught up with Evan of The Lemonheads via Zoom. He asked him things about The Lemonheads that he always wanted to know, but didn't feel comfortable asking him while being their touring bassist. Check out their chat below!

You can check out EVERWRITE (HERE) as well as more info on The Color Fred Below!



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