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At The Library (Cool Books To Get Your Punk Kids Into Reading)

It's true that kid's brains are fed non-stop garbage all day long. From the stuff on television, Internet, even school and that common core math bullshit. Reading is filtered and taken away by movie versions, even comic books are now adaptations, I myself even hated reading growing up.

I just fell into a fortunate enough time when the Internet exploded and everything that had to be understood and learned was read about on the Internet. However, I don't want to make the same mistake twice. So, I found some cool books for your little PUNX into.


The Book With No Pictures

by B.J. Novak

You may not want to jump your baby kid into this one just yet, but a toddler entering kindergarten might be the perfect age. This book talks about exactly what the title reads, "books with pictures in them". All kids books have pictures in them, and this one shows kids that all books can be fun even "big kid books" that don't have pictures.

Author B.J. Novak doing a reading at a school for some kids.


What Is Punk?

by Eric Morse & Anni Yi

This is a good one not only for reading, but as one description says, a "punk primer" for your little hellions. Author Eric Morse explains the origins of punk rock to kids through entire Play Doh sculptures by Anny Yi.


The Magic Of Reality

by Richard Dawkins

Weather you like his views on religion or not, Dawkins contributions to science are unprecedented. When it came time for him to write a book for kids, he didn't hold back his views, and the controversy came along with it. This book is a book intended for children of ages +9, and answers the many questions that children ask like "why do we have seasons?" and "who was the first person?"

A reading of The Magic Of Reality


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

This book might be old and might be a little cheesy now to some of us, but who didn't fucking love this book as a kid? My daughter is obsessed with this book, to the point that we owed our daycare another one. She checked it out of their library that they had and decided to eat all of the pages on the way home. So 3 Targets, a time out and $11.99 later and we're good as new. This is a good one to get your kids counting and learning shapes, and colors.


Where The Wild Things Are

by Maurice Sendak

This is another oldie but goodie. Where The Wild Things Are was made into a movie, which looked awesome. The book to me I read to little kids when I was much older, but my perspective of it was to familiarize children with monsters in a fun way so they don't become so afraid. If that's not what they tried to do, then that's what I'm going to try to do for my little one.


The Brothers Grimm Fairytale Collection

A little old fashioned I know. But my little one loves it, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the works. We've even found for her at a thrift shop a Grimms Fairytale collector series.


Cartoons, Movies, Etc.

Yeah, it sucks, but fuck it, they're reading right?!

Take a character they can relate to through TV and slap it into a book, bam, education. If only schools could do the same thing. We've recently had to go through and revamp our collection of books due to the age gap of +12 months to +36 months books were still mixed in the bunch, yikes. Anything from princesses, Barbies, Mickey & Minnie, and the whole stream of cable TV.

Our actual book shelf for our daughter


I'm trying everyday to get my daughter reading and focused more and more on things and get her above her age range and away from tv and damaging things thrown at her small stimuli. Every single night she asks one of us "Can you read me a story?" and even when I'm frustrated or in the middle of doing something I'm more than happy to.

Do you read to your kids?

What kind of stuff?

Do you read to them above their age range?

Any other times other than bed time?

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