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a crash republic

Izzy - Vocals/Guitar

Aidan - Guitar/Vocals

Joe - Drum


The Aussie pop-punk band HELL AVERAGE are back with a new single CHARLIE'S SONG. The former quartet, now trio has a new sound with the same core from the last time they were featured on this blog with their previous single COLD DAY IN HELL. CHECK OUT THAT FEATURE HERE!

HELL AVERAGE used to be a predominantly female vocal fronted band which has now seemed to change or at least split up vocal parts given that their latest single CHARLIE'S SONG is sung by guitarist Aidan.

CHARLIE'S SONG picks apart the band's influences as a whole while showing off their sound without defining them by one song. The song is sad and somber yet upbeat and poppy, clocking in just under 3 minutes and is the perfect song for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet.

It's reminiscent of Green Day circa American Idiot with heavy guitars, four on the floor drums with the occasional fill, punchy tightness and that sort of non-overbearing nasal singing that Billie Joe lets out with a nice touch of vocal harmony. You can check out the tune below and be the judge for yourself!




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