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If the name HOME CONFLICT sounds familiar then you've probably been here before when I talked about the Croatian punk rock trio.

The guys have just released a new single: "Life You Choose" the 2nd of 3 music videos in congruence with their new album.

Home Conflict - Life You Choose


In this new tune, the guys still have that tight pop-punk sound with an old school punk rock edge. The song itself is poppy as hell, still with the attitude but toned down from it's predecessor "I HAVE A FEELING".

Their influences stick out in this song reminding me of an old OFFSPRING tune meets (strangely enough) bands like THE HIVES or THE VINES.

The video concept is rad. I feel like it's slight nod to the WALK THIS WAY video crossover between Run DMC & Aerosmith. (Just watch the video, you'll see what I mean.) I'm stoked to hear more from the guys in the future and am looking forward to their 3rd video to complete the set.


You can find more of Home Conflict at any of the links below and be on a look out for more of their music videos and debut full length album:


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