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Lost In Stereo - Tear Out The Pages

Lost In Stereo are a pop-punk quartet hailing out of Glasgow Scotland. Now I know what you're thinking; "pop-punk and Scotland what the hell does this sound like?" Well it's kind of like the first time you realize that hot sauce and pizza are a beautiful accident that just so happened to fall together complimenting each other perfectly.

It's like fate. Like how if Lost In Stereo singer Ellis had never moved from Melbourne, Australia to Scotland then had never hooked up with mates Andy and Jon who later met up with drummer Deano, Lost In Stereo would be well, Lost. (I'm punny)

Lost In Stereo got their start in 2015. Spent time developing songs and playing local shows, and has now dominated the Glasgow pop-punk scene as well as opened up for such pop-punk bands as SayWeCanFly and punk legends The Ataris.

In 2016 they released a few tracks and after a couple of listens they definitely have the perfect blend of old meets modern pop-punk without losing their own sound in doing so. Lost In Stereo clearly has some defining pop-punk influences of their own though. It's awesome to see bands that have such different, diverse tastes in music and watch it reflect in their writing.

The Breakdown:

The Butterfly Effect reminds me of the intensity of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus combined with The Story So Far and the pop-punk happy chord progressive-ness of blink-182 and NFG.

Hide & Seek has a sound that is very nostalgic to me. It brings me back to 2005-2009. "The Transitional Years"

Little Nothing More reminds me of old school Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave (before all of that pop-synth auto tune shit.)

All three songs while having other band's influences still have Lost In Stereo's core sound, something the band definitely has seemed to work hard to channel throughout their few short years together.

Their newest single "Tear Out The Pages" off of their debut EP "Famous First Words" is a transition from their antecedent songs. You can definitely tell that the band's writing has gotten tighter with intricate chord progression, harmonized guitar riffs, syncopated drum fills, and a catchy chorus that will have you humming it in your head days after hearing Tear Out The Pages. "Famous First Words" is available 9/29/17.


Famous First Words recorded: 7 West Studios

Engineered by: Chris Marshall

Co-written by: Stefan Abingdon

Released: Lost Records

Artwork by: Duncan Delatousche




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