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MCR Announce More 2020 Dates!


It seems as though MCR's LA show this December isn't just a one-off as most of us suspected with the band just announcing new dates, one in New Zealand with Jimmy Eat World as well as the 2020 Japan and Melbourne Download Festival.

The band took to social media early in the afternoon on Nov. 5th with their now-known RETURN flyer with a new tour date set for March 25th 2020 with Jimmy Eat World, Midnight Youth and Miss June with the caption "See You Soon, New Zealand" as the caption. If you're in the area tickets for that are Monday Nov. 11th at noon LST with general admission sales going on the following day at the same time. Link to that is RIGHT HERE!

The band also took to social media around the same time to announce that they will be performing at the legendary DOWNLOAD Festival in Sydney & Melbourne Australia in 2020 which will also feature the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Deftones, In Flames, Clutch and more. It's unclear if the band will perform the March 20th, March 21st, or both dates of the show, but the band dropped the flyer to the festival with the same caption "See you soon, Australia." Links to that show are RIGHT HERE!

The band also dropped a new date late Nov. 5th with yet another Download Festival date for Japan on 3/29/20 with The Offspring, Evanescence, Jimmy Eat World and more. You can check out tickets for that show RIGHT HERE!

If My Chemical Romance's comeback show this December is any premonition as to ticket sales, I'd get them as soon as you can with the LA show at The Shrine selling out in less than three minutes. And if you can't catch them at one of these three dates, maybe these announcements mean more tour dates to come in 2020, for now we just got to wait and see...

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