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"Cause time's are changing, we don't move the same

We been tryna head off in our separate ways"

Made For Broadway Group Lonely

Justin James

Brogan Thompson

Tate Sutton

Les Bainbridge

made for broadway album cover

South Africa's "DIY sweat machines" MADE FOR BROADWAY are back with their third single "Lonely" off of their critically acclaimed sophomore full length album "New Heights, Same Lows," w produced by Seb Barlow, Ben Barlow of Neck Deep's brother, who produced the likes of Neck Deep & As It Is.

If you're new to ThePopPunkDad, I've featured MFB just a few months back just as they released their second single "Seventeen", where I also chatted with the guys about tour with Alien Ant Farm, their pop-punk humanitarianism, and how they DIY house recorded their latest record.

- You can check that out RIGHT HERE.


Recently the guys toured with none other than Texan pop-punk legends BOWLING FOR SOUP, as well as hooking up a show with Pop Punk Goes... pals CrashCarBurn this past May.


The video for LONELY, follows the MFB boys