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Machine Gun Kelly Set to release Pop-Punk album in 2020!

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Already on top of the world in the hip-hop game, Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly rumors a full-fledged rock album in 2020. Already with the release of his 2019 Billboard hit "I Think I'm Okay" featuring fellow pop up-and-comer YUNGBLUD and punk rock drumming legend Travis Barker, MGK sent out a series of tweets confirming the rumor this past month.

Stating in the past that bands like Anti-Flag and blink-182 have been the quintessential building blocks to his sound and helped pave his career, MGK sent out a tweet this past December that simply said: "rock album in 2020". Followed by another tweet just a few minutes later: "new song before the year’s over". Later posting yet another tweet stating: "’d like to reword what I said last week to this: pop-punk album 2020".

The rapper didn't disappoint on his deliver with the first song off of his new release entitled: "why are you here". The song has the same overall vibe and aggressive rock sound that "I Think I'm Okay" does with a more alt. rock meets emo sound. There's zero rapping in this song, it's all singing which, isn't anything new for the rock rapper, it's just it's throughout the entire song rather splattered here and there. The tune has a catchy as hell chorus with lyrics "I saw you again....we can never be friends".

I don't know if it's him singing the high notes in the song or not, it's impressive if it is considering MGK's voice is pretty low in octave most of the time. If the rest of his pop-punk album in 2020 is anything like this or I Think I'm Okay, then I can't wait for its release. But you decide for yourself!

You can check out "why are we here" below!




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