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Matthew Howl - Vocals & Guitar Mei Moor - Bass Andrew Chow - Drums

Shrimpfield Lane Album Cover

I discovered MOONFALL from an unlikely source. Twitter, a place that I should spend more time.

The insanely unique, experimental, pop punk trio hailing from New York City "swept" my ears away with their latest 2018 single WINDSWEPT.

Together since 2015 and pumping out records since, MOONFALL are an abstract group to say the least. To me they speak more than 1000 words. When you hear a tune, it's like looking at a photo and being captivated by all of the negative space within. Their ambient negative sounds of "the picture" combine perfectly with harder alt. rock/djent guitars and pop punk attitude.


While their previous singles "LOST" and "EMPTY CAGE" have more of a upbeat, poppier rock feel, their latest single WINDSWEPT which has already gained over 24K views on YouTube in only 3 months, is a very transient beast of a song, while still having it's harder rock and pop-punk moments.

Drawing influence to anyone from straight up rock/punk bands like Linkin Park, & Fall Out Boy, to the more technical such as PVRIS and MUSE, the trio hone their influences and creative individual differences to create intense, dramatic jams.

WINDSWEPT is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE as well as streaming for all of you online music junkies.


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