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MXPX - "Franco Un-American" SINGLE REVIEW

mxpx franco

Mike Herrera - Vocals, Bass

Tom Wisniewski - Guitar

Yuri Ruley - Drums


This is not a typo and you didn't just travel back to the early 2000's when the original Franco Un-American off of NOFX's 2003 album The War On Errorism was released. This is in fact an MXPX version of the song.

The tune at its core is still the NOFX version that we all know and love, with the same quirky delayed guitar parts, chord structures and melody with slight modifications like the synth parts being replaced by horns and the lyrics being updated to fit the more modern era such as original lyrics in the second verse: "I never looked around, never second-guessedThen I read some Howard Zinn now I'm always depressed" changed to "I never looked around, never second-guessedThen I read the YouTube comments, now I'm always depressed". It's these subtle changes in the song that give it a vibe all of its own.

MxPx are no strangers to cover songs, dishing out not one but two full-fledged cover albums entitled On The Cover 1 & 2 which features songs from Ah-Ha's Take On Me, to the Dead Milkmen's Punk Rock Girl and more.

MxPx is set to share a stage with NOFX real soon for the Punk in Drublic Fest in Portland Oregan on July 12th. It's the first Punk in Drublic Fest to come back to the US after touring the UK and Canada.

Check out FRANCO UN-AMERICAN in the link below.



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