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Jonas Aaltio - Vocals Markus Ikävalko - Guitar Lauri Talja - Bass Eemeli Rimpiläinen - Drums


"We won't build a wall, but a bridge instead, if anyone falls we make sure to pick them up."

The most fucking American punk rock opening lyrics to be spit out from none other than a Finnish pop-punk band. NEW DEADLINE just released a album called TO HOPE via Redfield Records. The album offers up 10 awesome tracks that are a combo of bands like Taking Back Sunday and Rise Against.

Speaking of which, this rock quartet was the supporting act for both TBS and Rise Against during their 2015 tour for their first full length album Remember via Redfield Records, not to mention other amazing bands in the past like Funeral for a Friend, The Used and Silverstein.

The guys will be on tour this Spring thru Summer.


They have a new music video out for the song "TO HOPE" that just dropped a few weeks ago. CHECK IT HERE!

TO HOPE was produced in Finland and mixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Lower Than Atlantis) in the United Kingdom.

Each one of New Deadline's track's has this combo of melody and lyric that hit you like "wow that was catchy I wanna hear it again." They uses this alchemy bringing pop-punk and rock together so perfectly, yet not sacrificing anything else for it. Their sound takes you to a time not so long ago when music was just awesome for what it was, take it or leave it without all of the bullshit plug-ins, autotune or "djent". (even though shreddy wheats are part of a growing boys balanced breakfast.)

Favorite Tracks





Check out NEW DEADLINE at ANY of the links below & their new album "TO HOPE" via Redfield Records OUT NOW!

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