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blink-182 "NINE" Album Review

blink 182 nine

After months of waiting, blink-182's ninth forthcoming studio album NINE is finally here. For months the build-up to the band's album has been bubbling with the release of several singles including "Blame It On The Youth", "Generational Divide", "Darkside", and "Happy Days".

If you were expecting the rest of the album to be anything like the singles, then you, like myself were surely mistaken. While the singles to NINE feel like the remanence of their previous album California, with the poppy, upbeat mainstream sounding songs, the rest of the album feels like the band went back to their roots or at the very least to 2003 to revisit their Untitled/Self-titled album.

NINE's overall tone feels bipolar in the best possible way, bouncing back and forth between the upbeat and poppy to the gritty and somber. It takes the last 20 years of blink-182 and compacts it all into one album even at times feeling as though the band branched off into their own respective side-projects like +44, Boxcar Racer and even Alkaline Trio.

Songs like Happy Days and Blame It On The Youth sound like the mainstream sounding blink tunes with songs like Run Away, On Some Emo Shit and No Heart To Speak Of taking it back to their aforementioned 2003 Self-Titled Album even poking fun of their darker days with the title On Some Emo Shit. Tunes like Ransom and Hungover You remind me of Travis Barker's project Boxcar Racer with ex-blink guitarist Tom Delonge with traces of Barker and Hoppus' project +44 throughout songs like Pin In The Grenade and Heaven. You can tell that Matt Skiba contributed a ton to this record bringing forth his dark, melancholy yet upbeat hard rock writing ability especially in songs like No Heart To Speak Of and Black Rain.

If you haven't checked out NINE, the album is OUT NOW on all digital streaming services as well as available for purchase on the band's official website.

You can check out track listing, and newest single DARKSIDE in the links below. Order info. on blink-182's NINE in info below!


Track listing:

  1. The First Time (02:26)

  2. Happy Days (02:59)

  3. Heaven (03:17)

  4. Darkside (03:00)

  5. Blame It On My Youth (03:05)

  6. Generational Divide (00:49)

  7. Run Away (02:27)

  8. Black Rain (02:46)

  9. I Really Wish I Hated You (03:11)

  10. Pin the Grenade (02:59)

  11. No Heart To Speak Of (03:40)

  12. Ransom (01:25)

  13. On Some Emo S**t (03:09)

  14. Hungover You (02:58)

  15. Remember To Forget Me (03:29)


You can check out info on BLINK-182 in the links below:



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