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Punk In Drublic - Pittsburgh, PA


For every punk kid who grew up making mock-up fantasy tours on their MySpace pages of their favorite bands had to be shitting their pants the day that the tour flyer came out for the Punk in Drublic Fest. If you don't have the cash to fly out west, or at least drive 200 miles in any direction, getting a classic punk rock festival like this is but on rare occasion. (Except for this one.)

The 2nd annual Punk in Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival, will feature NOFX and Bad Religion with The Interrupters, Mad Caddies and Bad Cop Bad Cop on May, 20 at Highmark Stadium on Pittsburgh's South Side.

The festival will feature four hours of craft beer tastings from over 100 crafts, including some of the best local and west coast favorites.

Craft tasting: VIP early entry (Noon – 4PM), and GA entry (1PM – 4PM


NOFX has teamed up with STONE BREWING to craft a beer, known as the Punk In Drublic HOPPY LAGER, available now in 30 states, including PA. Stone Brewing is a California based brewing company which will be serving up the lager at all the shows on tour.

In a statement on STONE BREWING's site: "When Fat Mike of NOFX told us he was interested in brewing a beer, the first thing we said was, “Why are you calling us at 3am and how did you get our number?” Turns out he was serious (for once) and after completely ignoring the advice of our legal team, we figured we would give it a shot. The result is Stone & NOFX Punk In Drublic Hoppy Lager. Which, against all odds, is really f***ing good.

"This is no light, corporate, tasteless beer for drinking on the beach. We’re still Stone. And punk is not dead yet. This is a hopped-up, bold, flavorful lager that the authority figures in your life are sure to hate. So crack one open and revel in this self-entitled beer."

"Brewed with Fat Mike, who showed up and mostly just got in the way"


The tour kicks off on May 5th in Austin, TX and wraps up in Pittsburgh. Only to pick back up for Camp Punk in Drublic featuring Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise & MORE this summer.


Doors at noon. Festival 1 - 9 p.m. Music starts at 3:15 p.m.

Tickets & more info at:

Punk In Drublic Social:


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